Tips & Tricks

Washington County 4-H Rocketry

We've started to document some best practices that we've learned over the years instructing 4-H youth in model rocket construction, painting, launching, and judging.  Although building and painting a rocket takes patience and skill, we strongly believe that rockets are meant to be launched.  We encourage all 4-H rocketry youth to enter their rockets in a launched rocket category at the fair, not just as a model.

Here are some tips on selecting a model rocket kit to build for the fair depending on age and skill level.

A rocket that is well constructed will fly much better, be safer, and of course will result in a better outcome at the 4-H fair. For better or worse, many 4-H fair judges focus on painting and decals and neglect other important aspects of a rocket model.  To be successful at the fair, a quality paint job is a must.  We've started assembling a list of construction and painting pointers here.

Speaking of judging, we've put together a list of items that you should keep in mind when getting your project ready for the fair.  These are qualities that judges should look for in all rockets.