SLI Photo Gallery
Our SLI Team has had a really fun time building their half scale rocket!


When cutting fiberglass, we had to wear masks and gloves.

Ben is cutting out our discs that we put a fiberglass sheet over.

Drilling a bulkhead.

Ben is putting the payload fan assembly together.

Cam and Ed are working on the altimeter assembly.

Payload section (nosecone).

The finished half-scale rocket before launch.

 The team is testing the ejection charge.

The tests were successful! We're ready to launch the half-scale! 

The payload team is testing their payload a week before the launch to make sure their payload is functional and so they can make some changes to it before the full-scale launch.

 Full-scale test flight, Princeton, IL.

On its way to 5632 feet on a K700W Aerotech motor.