Workshops 2013

Washington County 4-H Rocketry 

Wondering how to pick out a rocket kit?  Confused about the best construction techniques?  Want to do well at the fair?  

Check out these tips:

4-H Rocketry Tips and Tricks 

We encourage all youth to become members of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).  They offer student membership rates and their website is here.

Upcoming Workshops and Events 

All members of the Rocketry Project in Washington Co. are invited to open workshops starting in January, 2013.  We will meet the second Saturday of the month from January through May from 10AM-12PM.  The basics of model & mid-powered rocketry will be covered, along with proper rocket construction techniques.
Experienced rocketeers can learn how to design and build rockets from scratch. Most meetings will be open workshop – bring your rocket to build and we’ll supply the glue, sandpaper, and other tools. 
These are meant to be 'open house' type workshops although each month will feature specific aspects of rocket construction led by adult and youth leaders.  It's a way for the youth to get help in building their rocket and to get it ready for the fair.

Schedule (all meetings 10AM-12PM at Fair Park in Jackson) 

January 12, 2013 (First year members) (Room 116)

A. Introductions, Adult/Youth Leaders and members present

B. How to pick out a rocket kit (handout)

C. Creating your own rocket design 

D. Parts of a rocket (handout) 

E. Forces on a rocket

F. Rocket Motors 

What makes a rocket motor different than other types of motors

What do the sizes mean? 

G. Safety (construction and launch)

H . Activity

I. Construction basics (handout)

J. Workshop Overview 

K. 4-H Fair Judging 

L. Space Camp


N. Record Books  

February 9, 2013  (Room 112)

    A. Rocket Parts and Instruction sheets

      B. Engine Mount Gluing

                C. Record Book sheets and pictures 

March 9, 2013 (Room 116)

          A. Fin Preparation – including sealing, sanding, beveled edges

          B. Gluing – including type/amount of glue and fillets

April 13, 2013 (Room 112)

    A. Sanding – sandpaper to use, fins, filling/sanding of body tube, sealers

    B. TARC presentation – show the rockets built, this years’ criteria, S.L.I., Nationals

    C. Designing your own rocket   

May 11, 2013 (Room 112)

    A. Painting – types of paint, different ways of painting, priming, masking, where to use types of paint 

    B. Decals – types and applications

    C. Launch and launch safety

    D. Parachute folding

    E. Fair Judging

June, 2013 (TBD; only if necessary)

July, 2013 (TBD; Heritage Trails; County-wide launch prior to the fair)


Please call the Washington Co. UW-Extension 4-H Office at 335-4478 with any questions or email us at for more info.